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The Author and the Blog

I am an artist, musician and keen researcher/consumer of what I see as good horror stories, mostly in movie format. I have been inspired by Steven King’s earlier novels such as the Shining, Gerard’s Game and my all time favourite one written with Peter Straub, “The Talisman”. Movie influences come from films such as the Night of the living dead (original), 28 Days Later and many others. They all have that element of desperation and courage to some degree. I believe there is always room for another zombie story too.

This blog is a writing project I have been working on casually for a while now.   The target audience is 18 onwards. I will be posting to this blog as I write each chapter. This is literally a work in progress with not much work happening lately. Since I began this in 2003 a lot has happened in the world of  the undead. The walking dead has broken through to become incredibly popular and now everyone is into zombies. If you like this story and want more please let me know via a  COMMENT and I will listen and may even become inspired to write more chapters.

Above all, I hope you all enjoy reading it.


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