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The story begins at a community hall in a well populated are of rural Australia. A group of friends have gathered to play video games well into the night. Trouble first arrives as a car crashes outside and the occupants who appear to be dead aren’t and reek havoc in the hall. The story follows them and other groups of survivours of an apparent infection of the wider population as they attempt to get to a secure and safe place. The trouble is things don’t always go to plan and a good survivor is a good problem solver. Will they make it? Who won’t make it for that matter? What then, the end of the world as they knew it, or a temporary problem in need of a solution?

The story explores human reaction to crisis and relationships in the face of an apparent apocalyptic event. Some will learn to adapt to the new world others will perish. The story is loosely based on the myths. legends and theories surrounding zombies in as much as 28 Days later was a new breed of zombie genre. These are not the classic Romero style slow moving undead creatures, but rather a much more menacing and violent creature formed by a evolved bacterial or viral infection which turns humans into rage ridden killers who have the ability to learn over time.

The ending is not set in cement as yet, I am still exploring the many what ifs…If you like a horror story where all the characters are not complete idiots then read on… Enjoy


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