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Chapter IV “A Zombie Plan”

NEW Readers please BEGIN at CHAPTER I “The Hall” CHAPTER IV  “Zombie plan” Wendy lived alone in a large flat above the supermarket in town with her son Mitch. A few years back, her husband ran off with a young checkout chick and had not been seen since. The only way into the flat was […]

Chapter III “Immunity, Rob’s Story”

REMEMBER! New readers start from Chapter I “The Hall” Chapter III “Immunity, Rob’s Story”      Rob was tired, it was late on Saturday night and he was just heading home from work at the milk processing plant and driving west along the usually deserted narrow country road.      Tonight there were groups of teens at […]

Chapter II “The Worm Turns”

Please NOTE: My most recent chapters are on the top.  New readers visit Chapter One Blog and start there. Artwork by LJFHutch Chapter II “The Worm Turns” Saturday, 9.30 PM…       Bullet was due to be working all night as the first case of infection came into to the hospital. It started with old Fred […]